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Digital Marketing Services for Small Business

Digital Marketing Services For Small Business


Small business owners often ask this question …

” How Will Digital Marketing Profit My Business? “

The answer is written below, but please Ask Yourself this, first …


” Does my competition get more on-line attention, leads & customers than I do? “

” Do I have a limited capacity to promote & market my business myself? “

” Have I lost business to competitors? “

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, then please read on & I’ll show you how
Hypervantage will help you get better results!

5 Profitable Internet Marketing Methods:

“The purpose of internet marketing is to promote products and services on the internet and generate revenue by creating website traffic, social media buzz, leads and customers using a broad range of online marketing strategies and techniques”

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Social Media Engagement social-media-marketing150x150

Reputation Management / Reputation Marketing boylaptop150x150

Email / List Building email_marketing_campaignround150x150

2 Business Models Prospering From Digital Marketing:

On-Line Businesses. E-Commerce Firms

  • Firms that sell products and services through the internet using an E-Commerce website.

Off-Line Businesses. “Brick and Mortar” Companies

  • Organizations that provide products and services to patients, clients and customers who live and work within a few miles of the business. These companies often have a store front and should always be found high up in local search results.

The Hypervantage team specialise in Internet Marketing Strategies for Off-Line BusinessesContact Us Directly


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Why the Internet & Why Now ?

Why the Internet & Why Now ?

80% of Consumers Will Look-up Local Companies On-line Before Buying


Heat Map – Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP)


  • Only businesses on the first page of the search results are likely to get the new client
  • Business with a poor reputation and negative on-line reviews will not likely win the new customer. Social Media Marketing and Reputation Management are strategies that can’t be ignored.

The Internet is the NEW “Yellow Pages”


  • Nearly 1/2 of the internet searches now come from a mobile device
  • Over 50% of searches from a mobile device will result in a sale
  • Businesses that do not actively market their web properties using SEO, PPC, and Video Marketing will not get the new clients and their competitors will win by default.

Imagine the Terrible Decision if a …

Business Chose Not To Invest in the Yellow Pages 30 Years Ago!

Yet many businesses are still NOT marketing and advertising online (The NEW Yellow Pages)


The Hypervantage team specialise in Internet Marketing Strategies for Off-Line BusinessesContact Us Directly

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The Toolbox Concept

The “Toolbox” Concept


Frequently, ONE On-Line Marketing Tactic is recommended to businesses as The Way’ to get more customers and revenues. If that single technique doesn’t increase sales, entrepreneurs come to the conclusion that even the best…

Internet Marketing Services Don’t Work ?

When, in fact, the specific technique was not the problem. The disappointing results were caused by a Poorly Conceived Internet Marketing Strategy.

  Take search engine optimization as an example. Just as tires are essential for driving, SEO is essential for first-page search ranking. That being said, if you only have the tires, and no engine, then your car won’t go anywhere because your vehicle is incomplete. And, along those lines, if your internet marketing strategy is limited to SEO, then you will be less successful because your …

On-Line Marketing Will Be Incomplete

Does Combining Strategies Boost Marketing Performance ?

SEO is designed to place your website in front of people who want to buy your products and services. Since the ultimate goal is to entice a client to call for an appointment or for a customer to buy something, it’s clear that getting someone visiting your website …

Does Not Complete the Sale

The website has a job to do. Using marketing principles, sales copy, calls to action and irresistible offers, the website must move the prospect to take action. And even then, it’s still up to sales staff to guide the shopper to a buying decision and close the deal. So, it’s recommended to combine multiple online marketing strategies & techniques to …

Get the Most Leads, Clients and Sales

The key to successful on-line marketing is to

”  Benefit from every on-line marketing technique in the ‘tool box’ designed to guide your prospect through the buying decision to create a comprehensive on-line marketing strategy and campaign “

The Hypervantage team specialise in Internet Marketing Strategies for Off-Line BusinessesContact Us Directly

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How to Create More Revenue Through The Internet ?


How to Create More Revenue Through the Internet ?

How Will You GrowEffective on-line marketing must be precise and consistent. But, like other activities that don’t engage core competencies, …

Handling On-Line Marketing In-House is Rarely the Best Use of Company Resources 

Although it’s possible for small businesses to develop a successful on-line marketing strategy, any victory will likely come at a high cost. Because resources normally assigned to the core business will be spending many hours

Learning, Creating, Managing & Monitoring On-Line Marketing Campaigns


Your On-Line Marketing Blueprint


The Hypervantage Marketing team are

Experts in Developing & Managing Comprehensive, ROI Producing, Online Marketing Campaigns for Small Local Businesses

You could try to develop a successful on-line marketing program on your own or you could simply

Hire a Proven Internet Marketing Services Agency

Call HyperVantage Marketing now and ask them about

Done-For-You, Internet Marketing Solutions for Your Business

Then do what you do best. (Service the flood of new clients and customers in your pipeline)

Call HyperVantage @ (306) 543-4855

 Click Here Now to Contact Hypervantage

What Our Clients Say

Stacy knows his business. He helped FPS gain a strong presence on Google ranking and helped to design a great website. His prices are more than fair and you definitely get your monies worth.

Michelle C

Owner, FPS Fingerprint Pardon Services

Stacy has been a fantastic addition to my business. I feel that in this day of Social Media, he has given me the boost that I was looking for. He knows his business, and makes mine look good, while I get to continue doing what I do best.

Jacqueline S

Mortgage Broker, TMG The Mortgage Group

The web site for The Art of Travel desperately needed updating and Stacy was able to look after all aspects of the change quickly and efficiently.  Suggestions and solutions were provided in a timely manner and we now have a great web site to use for our marketing. I enjoyed working with Stacy on this project and would highly recommend HYPERVANTAGE MARKETING to anyone looking to create or improve their web site.

Jean H

Owner, The Art of Travel

Stacy Quinn is the only answer to your success because of the new way business is done online. Stacy Quinn will build your brand through internet marketing using the advantage of social media, and advanced mobile marketing. Stacy Quinnwill manage and build your reputation marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Pay Per Clicks which we all know are critical to success. Stacy Quinn is the foremost authority on driving business to you, he is focus driven and results focused because your outcome is his passion as he always puts your needs above his own. Thank you Stacy for your expertise, inspiration and most of all your friendship.

Dr. Lisa Christiansen

Owner, Lisa Christiansen Companies




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