man considering productivity tools Wanting to save a little time in your marketing? Or get better results because you were able to find out why things aren’t working as well as you wanted?

Perhaps it’s time to invest in a couple of tools to help you improve your site’s performance and rankings, help handle social media and more.

Perhaps your concern is understanding what your site needs to do to rank better, or what your competition is up to. Or maybe it’s social media, and how to keep abreast of that monster. Whatever it is, there’s likely a tool to help. So here we have 4 very cool tools that can help with these tasks, and get you further down the road to higher revenues.

4 Awesome tools you should look at for your business

Canva – If you’re anything like me, fumbling around in Photoshop is not your notion of a good time, never mind the results! Canva to save the day! Canva is a free tool that enables you to easily create terrific graphics using a very simple interface. You’ll be blown away at how easy this is.

SproutSocial – One of the best social media analytics tools available, SproutSocial helps you not only post and engage with your social audience, but also understand where the traffic and buzz is coming from and why.

Moz – Monitor your site’s progress using this comprehensive and easy to use suite of analytics tools, showing you keywords, rankings, competition plus much more. Moz has long been a wealth of important information and intelligence regarding online marketing, and this shows no signs of changing.

Mention – Want to know what people are saying when it comes to you and your brand? You can track keywords, brand mentions and more from nearly any device, and also discover the sentiment of the mention, in order to save you time and reputation.

This is just four of the numerous tools out there to help with productivity. Employ these or others to help you get some of your time back, which I’m, absolutely sure you can find a use for!