Here’s a fairly scary statistic: people are now checking their mobile phones around 150 times per day on average. Is that a bigger or smaller number than you might’ve thought?

So what that comes down to for marketers is opportunity, and for those who’ve either missed it or stubbornly refused to go mobile, a neglected opportunity.

However you cut it, mobile marketing is here to stay. Just in case you need one final push over the cliff towards mobile, here’s 4 reasons you’ll wish to employ it sooner rather than later.

See these 4 reasons mobile marketing can deliver for your business

  1. Mobile is the consumer’s weapon of choice – US mobile users are spending 23 percent more time on their mobile device compared to what they did in 2013. You can also see this reflected in the chasm developing between mobile use and desktop: People spend 2 hours and 51 minutes a day on mobile vs . 2 hours and 12 minutes on a desktop.
  2. Mobile is imminently sharable – Mobile is simply by its very nature social, and this translates into the possibility that your content can have a far wider reach than you may have envisioned when you created it. Once someone shares your content, their followers and friends have the chance to share it with theirs, and so on.
  3. Mobile users tend to be more apt to take action – Mobile users are prone to act. 70 percent of mobile searches result in an action within only one hour! They are often out and about, in search of products and services, and you want to be on their radar.
  4. More people will see or open your messages – Since now over 90 percent of American adults own a cell phone and 42 percent have a tablet, more of your communications are going to be opened. Text messages can reach people where phones may not, and an astounding 98 percent of texts are opened within one hour.

We’ve morphed into a world where many more communications are taking place in a far more compressed time period. Your business must be mobile to stay competitive.