Perhaps like a great many other small business people you’ve been either confused or undecided about the comparable value of using Twitter in your marketing efforts. That is understandable, since at first glance it appears to be nothing more than a great way to kill some time, with minimal return on investment of your time and money. The truth always lies a lttletwitterdollars
bit further under the surface though, and in reality Twitter does offer value for small business, if you are able to develop and consistently execute your marketing strategy. Let’s consider what’s important in that strategy, and how it can pay off for your small business.

See these 7 ways Twitter can help your small business!

  1. Use your Twitter profile to help brand your business – Your Twitter profile is a terrific place to show off your company in the best possible light, with appropriate links to your pages.
  2. Find the influencers in your market – One of your goals should be to connect with as many of the primary influencers in your market as possible. This won’t happen instantaneously, and some won’t answer you, but be persistent and eventually you’ll connect. This can have huge benefits later on.
  3. Post images and videos – It’s been shown that images and videos are driving three to four more times more clicks on Twitter.
  4. Use Promoted Tweets – You can directly target your audience with Promoted Tweets. Your ads should offer great value, be transparent, and not run endlessly.
  5. Engage your followers – This should go without having to say, but take the opportunity here to engage and provide value.
  6. Retweet and employ hashtags – Remember to retweet relevant and important content you find, as this will help establish your connection with authority. Same goes with hashtags, only don’t overdo this one.
  7. Establish yourself before promoting – While it can be incredibly tempting, resist the impulse to promote yourself with each tweet. Get into the habit of giving 80 percent, and promoting 20 percent. You’ll reap good results if you do!