Simply having social media accounts for your business is a good beginning, but you’re unlikely to see any real benefit from social media if you aren’t making regular posts and engaging with your readers.

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Most businesses don’t have a plan with respect to social media maintenance. It seems like an insurmountable task to keep up with, especially if you’re wanting to maintain several different platforms.

Let’s look at 5 tips for making your social media less of a chore and more of a revenue and lead generating channel.

5 Ways to make your social media maintenance easier

Give consideration to your platforms – Unless you have a smart and large staff, you really won’t have the ability to handle more than just a few social media platforms at once. Take a hard look at where your customers are most likely found, and start there. Make sure you are choosing at least a few of the major ones: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Have an editorial calendar – Scheduling your postings, except for the spur of the moment posts, can take a lot of pressure off of your staff, and help you run social campaigns at the same time. This is also where tools can play a part.

Cross promote – Use your various social channels to send traffic to each other. For example, announce your blog posts and videos on Facebook and Twitter. Use LinkedIn in a similar fashion. Sending traffic to your YouTube videos can help in many ways.

Repurpose other content – Using snippets of blogposts, videos, and other related content adapted for your social media can help you put together relevant content.

Share great content – Strive to share great content you find from other sources on the Web that your readers will like. This is a great strategy to improve your own authority. Not only will this help you in the content creation process, but your readers will thank you!