Copy makes the Web go round, and good copy will take you from seldom read and acted upon to rock star status in terms of traffic and sales. This truism, along with the fact that Google prizes and rewards great content that readers share will make your content marketing dreams come true.

But what are the elements of great copywriting that will get us to this point? What precepts and tips can help our content to rise above and be noticed? Here are 7 copywriting tips to both help your content connect with readers, but also to get noticed near and far.

7 Copywriting tips that can make your content sing!

Tell a great story – Everyone likes a good story, and if you can spin one while accomplishing your sales goals you’ll be a rockstar. Tugging at emotions and empathy are wonderful tools to employ here.

Focus on benefits – One crucial mistake beginning copywriters make is to emphasize features over benefits, which is of course bad, as we all want to know what’s in it for us!

Make it valuable all by itself – If your reader comes away with the feeling that they’ve already received tons of value simply by reading your content, you’ve got them just where you want them.

Employ questions to set the tone – If you can weave in questions that have them shaking their head “Yes” to all your points, you’ve managed to get them into the proper mindset for saying yes to whatever else you might want to say. (Hint, hint)

Inject emotion – Using emotion in your copy is a proven method to get your reader to take action, buy into whatever you’re saying or selling, and making a connection with you.

Write longer content – Lately the pages that are found on Page One of Google are running over 2,000 words. Longer, in-depth pieces that provide value and insight are what the readers want, and what Google wants to rank well.

Encourage and promote social sharing – There is more opportunity than ever before to have your content reach far beyond your own pages. Encourage and enable social sharing, and you’ll reap the benefits.