girl updating website contentYou may have believed that you had content marketing covered once you’ve managed to post more than once a week to your site or blog. The fact is, if you want it to finally bring the awesome results you’re always hearing about, it’s somewhat more involved than that.

The way to have this happen for you is easier than you think, but requires a little outside the box thinking. In particular, you must understand how to involve several different types of content into the mix, and use them together.

Let’s see 7 ways you can create content that can attract more traffic, and not merely one time!

7 Tips on how to create content that pulls traffic to your site

Create an infographic – We all love visuals, and infographics have etched out a special place in our hearts. They are compact, informative, and greatest of all for us, easily sharable!

Case studies – People are dying to know, step-by-step, precisely how to do things. If you’re able to present a case study that got excellent results, your content will get ranked, go viral, and garner lots of looks.

Tutorials – Similarly, an excellent tutorial, especially on things technical, can bring you a lot of eyeballs for a very long time.

Make videos – You’d have to have been asleep for the last few years not to have noticed the value and impact of video, particularly for traffic and SEO. Not only that, your video channel can develop into a vibrant social stream all in itself.

Podcasts – Podcasts are all the craze now, as people love to listen (even in meetings sometimes!) when they aren’t able to watch. Also, it is a great medium for their smartphones, which can be tedious to watch videos on.

Interviews – Set up interviews with authority figures in your market and see your content get shared far and wide.

Create an epic post – Even though this is not something you can push out every day, becoming known for producing long form content people want to share and read is really good for your brand!