We all get them, welcome emails. But are you up to speed on how best to create your own for your subscribers?

What elements are necessary to not only welcome them, but also feature what they can expect and what you have to offer them during their time with you?

Welcome emails are typically opened at a high rate, but it’s what you include in them that sets the stage for what’s to follow. Let’s take a look at 7 of the ways you can compose your emails for best results.

7 Ways to craft effective welcome emails

Don’t batch: send them immediately – While it might be more server-efficient to batch your emails to send out together, its poor form to do so with a new subscriber. Show that you care a little by sending these right away.

Use a working email address – Using a no-reply email address will only do one thing for you: give you a no-response customer. People are going to want to email you. Don’t make it difficult.

Test subject lines – Email autoresponder software makes it quite simple to split-test subject lines. Do this for better open rates!



Use your social media channels – Encourage your subscribers to follow you on your social media channels, and even help them by making sure you have links and buttons on your email template.

Personalize – It’s always best if you’re trying to develop some sort of relationship with your subscribers that you personalize the emails whenever possible. This of course means you’ll need to collect names.

Consider offering an incentive – Many companies opt to send along a coupon or other incentive as a welcome gift. Not a bad idea, and can move relationship from a subscriber to a buyer swiftly.

Make sure to optimize for mobile – Since about half of all emails are now opened on a mobile device, it would be a good idea to make sure you are using a responsive design so that your emails can be opened anywhere.