Make Your Content Marketing Work for You!

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You’re probably aware of all of the many benefits you can derive from content marketing, but for a small business, it can still present significant challenges. If you are understaffed or over-burdened, it is easy to let critical pieces of the puzzle slide to the back burner, often never to be seen again.

Let’s avert that by taking a look at five ways you can energize your small business content marketing, as soon as possible!

Five tips for content marketing in your small business

Here are five essential aspects for making your content marketing deliver on all the promises it holds for your small business.

Develop a strategy – Content marketing can happen in many forms over many platforms. It’s important to have a plan in place that maps this out, along with the goals and results you want to achieve. Keep in mind, content can include blog posts, articles, ebooks, videos, images, podcasts and more, and many of these can be repurposed to other platforms as well.

Create a budget – You will need to spend a couple of bucks here, in people hours as well as other costs, and you should know what you’re able to commit and budget it beforehand.

Assign talent – If you aren’t fortunate enough to have writers on staff, (as well as videographers and image designers) you will have to find them. This can be a time consuming task when starting out, so take note of this.

Tracking your results – If you aren’t sure what’s working, how will you proceed? Track your results using a tracking software. Google Analytics is fine for most of us. If you need a more robust, enterprise level tracking software, they are available.

Rinse and repeat – Once you have a handle on the type of content that your audience is responding to, be sure you do it again, but with different twists and slants, according to the feedback you’re getting as you go along. This, incidentally, is what’s called Agile Marketing.