thumbs up thumbs downIt happens to the very best of businesses. Every so often a customer will post a negative review that is sure to sway potential customers regarding your business, products or service. It can’t be helped.

While it can make us flinch and become protective, the truth is that you can make a negative review into a positive experience for not only the customer, but for every other person who reads the way you manage your customer service. Here’s a handful of ways to reach that goal.

5 Tips for turning a negative review into a positive

Resist the urge to defend yourself

You’ll be sorely tempted to defend your company and staff. Almost every time someone takes this route, it results in a train wreck. You’ll never win anybody over by telling them they’re wrong. Preferably look upon this as an opportunity to demonstrate great customer service and regain their business.

Be sure to answer immediately

If you’re wanting to cultivate poor reviews and reputation, don’t forget to ignore or take forever to respond to customer complaints. It’s a sure way to lose! Set up a Google Alert to monitor mentions of your business on social media so you can be aware of any emerging issues before they become huge.

Apologize and make amends

Nobody wants to hear a bunch of lame excuses, or even legitimate ones. Simply offer a sincere apology for their experience, and generously offer a way to make it up to them. Doing so with sincerity will go a long way toward turning them around in your direction.

Be responsible in the eyes of others

If you stand up and own your mistakes, you will gain considerable points in the opinions of anyone who is watching, and that is definitely worth something.

Get more reviews

One of the best ways to minimize the effect of a negative review is by swamping them with many more positive reviews. Constantly make it your business to ask for reviews from your customers, particularly regulars who will want to have your back.