We’ve probably all heard the now-famous stat that over 75 percent of us admit to taking the smartphone into the bathroom with us. I suspect that is a low number. Mobile has thoroughly wormed its way into the very fabric of our lives, to the point where our daily lives usually begin and end with it.mobile500

There have been predictions of mobile coming for years now, but we maintain that the train is not only here, it’s leaving the station. Let’s consider the evidence, and how you can benefit from this paradigm shift.

5 Pieces of evidence that mobile marketing has arrived

  • Google loves it – One of the more startling statistics we’ve seen is that over 65 percent of ALL searches get started with mobile. Given that is the starting point, it’s a good idea to make sure your business has a mobile presence, and the ability to capitalize on it.
  • We already own lots of mobile devices – Does it surprise you to learn that the average person owns 3.1 mobile devices, and carries a lot of them around all the time? 85 percent of us carry a smartphone, another 65 percent a laptop, 48 percent tablets and 40 percent mp3 players. And all or most of these are linked to the internet all the time.
  • Small business is still clueless when it comes to marketing on mobile – Most businesses know they need to do something with mobile, but are unsure exactly what that is. They might even have made a mobile version of their website, but they’re not optimized for mobile there or in their emails. This comes as no great surprise when you see that 33 percent of businesses spend less than an hour a week on mobile marketing.
  • Use Responsive design – Responsive design is essential when it comes to marketing with your mobile devices. Making sure you present well on the smaller screens while still maintaining your vitality and intent of your campaigns is vital.
  • Mobile simply gets more conversions – More than 90 percent of consumer’s comparison shop using mobile, and a full 70 percent of mobile searches produce an action with one hour. That’s the best reason yet for making sure you’re on top of things when it comes to mobile marketing.