If this might be you, then stick with me because I’m about to reveal an easy, simple and Free way to make your website visible; To be found by your potential customers and collect the revenue that belongs to you instead of letting your competitors take it by default.
For many businesses, they are invisible because they’re not skillfully utilizing internet marketing. And when someone searches for their product or service online, that customer and their cash is scooped up by the competition.

Sure, if someone simply searches for your company by name, like “ABC Plumbing” for instance, they will very likely find you on the first page of the results. However, these would be customers who already know you and will most likely decide to buy from you anyway.

But what about the potential customers who don’t know you and haven’t decided who they will buy from yet?

When they search, they want to know what’s available and what their options are. Using our plumbing example, they’ll search for something like “plumber in regina” or “emergency plumbing repair”.

What would you say to a business owner who decided not to invest in the yellow pages when all of their competitors have ads in the yellow pages? You’d probably say “YOU’RE CRAZY”. Because, obviously, they would lose business to the competition when prospects looked in the yellow pages for their services.

Essentially, this is what’s happening to many businesses online. By not actively marketing on the internet, they forfeit the income they could have collected and give it away to their competitors.

And this has become even more critical in recent years as many traditional marketing methods, such as newspaper ads, billboards, direct mail and yellow pages, have become far less effective. Most consumers are getting their information from the internet and don`t even see these traditional advertisements  much less act on them.

Businesses looking to grow and thrive, must get their message in front of their customers. By actively employing internet marketing strategies, companies now have the unprecedented ability to place a targeted message in front of the eyeballs of potential customers at the exact moment they’re making a buying decision.

“But I’m not a marketer. How do I make this work for me?”

You’ve spent a lot of time getting skilled at at your core business. Delivering your products and services to your customers occupies much of your time.

Even if you have a keen interest and desire to become the internet marketing expert for your company, how will you fit the weeks and months of internet marketing education into your already crammed schedule? When you finally learn the basics, how will you find the 5 to 10 hours a week required to implement your strategies?

A full blown marketing strategy and campaign may be daunting for most business owners, but there are still easy, simple, one-time actions you can take that will make a big difference.

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