landing page folded newspaperYou might have heard it said that you should make it a best practice to test different elements of your landing pages but were uncertain just how to go about doing this.

Testing your landing pages is by far the easiest way to improve conversion, and generate more leads and revenue. The cold hard fact is that if you fail to embrace this practice, you are putting your business in a very precarious position, as this means you are essentially rolling the dice with each and every attempt. Wouldn’t it be smarter to create your own intelligence to help you get the best results? In the hopes you said yes, here are a few items you’ll definitely need to look at testing.

Let’s have a look at some of the items that should be tested on your landing pages.

What you should test on your landing pages

Headlines – This may be the only thing they see before they decide to read on or leave, so it has to be good. It can be as small a matter as a single word!

Specific colors and elements – Color can play a large role in conversions, and in fact there is a whole science of color associated with consumer behavior. This, as well as other design elements should be tested for the most effective combinations for your landing pages.

Images and Videos – Be sure that your images and videos are right for the page. Often a jarring image or video used out of convenience can have the exact opposite effect than you had intended.

Sales copy – Sales copy can be complicated at best, and this is one of the more important testing components. Understanding the right length, tone, and various other elements of your copy can make a real difference, so be sure to test this item!

Prices – Unsure about the best price at which to offer your items? There is no better way to determine this than through testing. Your consumers will let you know in no uncertain terms, which price converts better.

Terms and conditions – Often you may want to test a condition, guarantee or other terms. Critical stumbling blocks can be revelaed easily at this stage.

Call to action text and buttons – The text on your buttons and the shape and color of the buttons themselves are items you ought to test. Certain colors and text are more persuasive than others, so test this item carefully!