Performing SEO can be tricky business, and the effects what you or someone that you hire does may have lasting and profound impact for your pages.

seo mistakesSEO mistakes can be very hard to correct, and take quite a bit of time and expense. Because of this, we want to be ultra-careful to avoid making these critical errors.

Let’s take a look at 5 SEO mistakes that are easy to make and often hard to undo.

5 SEO blunders you’ll want to avoid

Misusing keywords and anchor text – Today the Google algorithm has grown wiser to the point where it can root out attempts to game the rankings with keyword manipulation from a mile away. The best practice today is to use keywords naturally on your pages, utilizing related keywords and synonyms, and diversifying your anchor text accordingly, using natural combinations, naked URLs, and some generic terms like “click here”.

Using Tags and Tag clouds – Bad idea. The first reason is that it automatically results in duplicate content issues, and second, it uses up valuable virtual real estate.

Using Flash on your pages – While this may be necessary to achieve some sort of visual effect you’d like to use, you should ask yourself if it’s worth it, as it can be bad for SEO as well as how well your site renders in mobile.

Ignoring Mobile – It’s no longer an option. More than 60% of web users access via mobile, and now Google has even gone to the point of ranking unresponsive sites lower in their mobile search, and labeling them with a rather unflattering tag that this page “May not work on your device”.

Poor internal linking – The spate of recent Google updates has made this one of the last bastions of effective on-site SEO that really works well. Strive to make your site user friendly in this respect, and this is one area to not be shy about using keywords. (With prudence and diversity, naturally!)