Mobile is a Crucial Piece of Your Local Search Initiative

Everyone is aware that having a mobile marketing strategy is no longer optional, but somehow the word is slower to be adopted by local business owners.hvm-mobile-search

More than ever before, local business owners need to realize the incredible opportunity that being active in mobile offers them, and just how best to make the most of that. Here are several reasons why this is important, plus some things you can do about it.

Reasons why you need a mobile presence

Part of this lies in understanding what your market is doing with their mobile devices. Here are a few eye-opening statistics to help all of us get an understanding on just how important this is:

  • A whopping 97 percent of people look online for products or services in their local area.
  • A full 73 percent of those mobile searches result in visitors and conversions.
  • It is real time: 70 percent of those searchers act on them within an hour.
  • They’ll use it in your store: 15 percent of consumers use their smartphone to price shop after they’re in your store.

So how best to take advantage of mobile for local search?

Here are a couple of ways you can ensure your business is able to be found locally via mobile devices.

Make sure you’re mobile ready – Making the effort to get a mobile version of your site available is paramount. Access your site and see what the user experience is like, and adjust accordingly. Don’t just assume it will all work out. You’ve got fewer than 10 seconds to create a good impression, and if your site isn’t even loaded in that time, well…

Watch sizes and content – Obviously small screens are harder to read and act upon. Don’t load you mobile pages with lots of textual content that no one will take the time to read on their phone. Use concise, bulleted text chunks, as well as optimized images and call to action buttons big enough to click on easily!

Engage with your visitors – Just getting your site be mobile ready isn’t enough: you need to engage with people who are attempting to communicate with you there as well. Mobile is very much a social medium, so you need to treat it as such.

Claim your directory listings – You’ll want to claim any listing you find on local directories, and create them where you don’t. Stay consistent in the information you post on each site, so visitors and search engines can easily find you.