It seems that quite often content marketing and conversion optimization don’t even show up in the same paragraph, much less sentence, when it comes to how we think about making it all work together.convert

In reality, you have to both consider CRO (conversion rate optimization) as it pertains to your content, and your content as to how it works with conversions. For optimum results we want to meld the two into one when putting our content out there.


5 Ways to use content for better conversion rates

Use easy to follow navigation – Enabling your page visitors to go where they (and you!) want to is a cornerstone. Use one clearly defined navigation bar, and augment this with text links inside your content pointing to other pages or resources you’d like to show.

Use visuals! – The more images and videos you use in your content, the more often it will be read, shared and acted upon. That’s not opinion, but a fact. We love to look and watch, read…not so much.

Get setup for mobile – Mobile devices are the weapon of choice for consumers. More than half of all searches and two-thirds of all email are accessed via a mobile device, so the time is now if you don’t want to be left out.

Offer up value – There is no question that terrific content is far more likely to lead to more sales, shares and actions. Try to make your content not only unique, but valuable.

Create killer calls to action – Optimize your calls to action with some thought. Test the various elements just like you would content, and make every effort to help make your CTA stand out. Using colors that stand out yet are complimentary is key here, while staying within the design elements of your page.

The best way to move forward is to make sure that when your content is being created, that conversion is part of the thought process. Thinking about it then will lead to more conversions afterwards!