social media thumbs upHave you considered using social media to thank your best clients for their patronage? This is one of the newest and best-received ways to let the people most important to your business know how much you appreciate them! Not only does it perform the service of giving thanks, it does so in a very public way, thus doing dual service. People will see this, and reputations are enhanced, and possible new alliances are created.

One additional advantage that is being whispered about lately, is that even non-linked social mentions will be the recipients of some Google love in the search results.

Let’s take a peek at 7 ways for you to integrate this into your business.

7 Ideas for thanking your clients using social media

A Shout Out on Twitter – If you have a decent sized twitter following, this can be a great way to give some recognition. Share news, images and links here easily.

Endorse them on LinkedIn – This is one of the purposes of LinkedIn, and it is well set up for this. You can leave a review on your page, their page, your groups, or post in status feed. This could easily result in more work for them!

Leave on online review – Leaving a review on a site like Yelp can help both you and your client! All small businesses need online citations in the form of reviews.

Post about them on Facebook – Your business page on Facebook is another place to get a positive image in front of loads of people fast!

Record a Testimonial for YouTube – Leaving a nicely done video testimonial is a great way to thank someone. And, if you can show their work, do it! This can help them in search also.

Employ Pinterest – Using Pinterest to share this type of news can work exceptionally well also. Pinterest users are primarily female, and not afraid to purchase.

Write about them in your newsletter – Writing a short piece in your company newsletter is a terrific way to shine a light on them and show your thanks.