website design example on laptopAs 2015 is now fully upon us, we thought it beneficial to examine several web design trends taking hold for small business sites. Most of these you may have seen before, but were unacquainted with the reason behind them or the usefulness they impart. Others may not be right for you.

Some have come about due to advances in technology, and others are only cosmetic or related to user experience. Nonetheless, judge each with an eye open as to their best uses for your particular site, and not necessarily for any buzz or good press. Just because infinite scrolling may work for Facebook doesn’t mean it’s suitable for your site.

So without further delay, here are five website design trends small businesses are implementing in 2015.

5 Trends in small business web design

Employing Infinite scrolling – Infinite scrolling has become all the rage over the last year or so. The ability to keep the reader engaged over one long stream of content can work for some, like Facebook for example, and not for others. Make sure it serves your ultimate visitor goals before you use this.

Using a responsive design – Since over half the Web’s traffic now emanates, at least originally, form a mobile device, it is simply not an option to not have a responsive web site design. You need to ensure that all visitors get the best experience you can deliver, so this is more a necessity than a trend.

A clean spare look – Lots of white space and lean blocks of text are what readers want these days, and the extra space gives your pages an uncluttered, relaxed feel. This works with the mantra of keeping things simple and direct, and leaving your visitors with fewer distractions and choices.

Play with fonts and color – Don’t feel totally constrained in terms of fonts and color. Make a statement and paint your web canvas with the look and feel of the message you want to convey. This doesn’t mean making large textual sections in a stylish, hard to read font, but selective use of creative fonts and colors can spice things up quite nicely.

Make social media prominent – We operate in a social Web, and you should facilitate this on your site. Employ obvious and easy to use social media buttons on your pages, and encourage their use!