promote your contentAs you probably are aware, millions of new pieces of content hit the Web each day, and the chances of people flocking to yours simply because it’s wonderful are slim to none.

That’s where a content promotion plan for every piece of content you create comes into play. Getting your content out in front of people who are actually looking for it will pay large dividends!

So before you run screaming into the night because you don’t know how to make this happen, let’s check out 5 simple ways you can cheaply and effectively get your content promoted.

5 Great ways to promote your new content

Employ visual elements – The Web is full of people who love visual content, from videos, top memes and infographics. This type of content gets widely shared and can lead to a boatload of traffic and links, and frequently better rankings.

Announce to your email list – Long a favorite tactic among top marketers, giving your subscribers a heads-up about your new content works extremely well. It also serves a purpose in your email marketing, by delivering high-value content without a sales pitch.

Use content sharing sites – There are some great content sharing sites these days, like SlideShare, DocStoc, Scribd and Issuu to name just a few. Uploading your content or promotional content there can result in huge spikes of traffic, as these sites are highly favored by Google.

Use your social media channels – This is one the best uses of your business social media accounts. You’re providing valuable content with the possibility of having it get shared far and wide. This can lead to a large influx of visitors, with not much effort expended. We like that!

Paid sources – Sometimes it’s worth it to apply paid ads to get a particular piece of content noticed. This is especially true of content designed to warm up your audience for a product launch. Sources like Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, and Outbrain work well for this.