About Us

We are a local internet marketing company that specializes in helping local small businesses get found when people are searching for their products and services online.



Hypervantage Marketing Inc. is located in Regina SK Canada and was founded in 2008 by Stacy Quinn.

Stacy has extensive internet marketing experience and training and has built several online businesses where he sharpened his internet marketing skills.

Focused on helping local small businesses, Mr. Quinn and the Hypervantage team, help businesses transition from “internet obscurity” to becoming the authority in their niche online.
Stacy Quinn''s Guide To Marketing Your Business Online


In his book, Stacy Quinn”s Guide to Marketing Your Business Online, Quinn takes internet marketing from A to Z and boils it down into an easy-to-read format that will teach small business owners how to build their own online presence and create traffic, leads and customers for their business. Found on Amazon.com ISBN-10: 145632988X



Certified by the Local Internet Marketing Association (LIMA), Stacy insists that Hypervantage provide internet marketing services that produce positive results for all clients. Whether it be, more website traffic, leads calling them automatically, new customers month-in and month-out or increased revenue, custom internet marketing strategies are developed and carried out for every client.

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