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video-marketing-regina-sk300There is a distinct advantage to using video marketing services to promote brand awareness for small business owners.

Statistics show that nearly 60% of consumers prefer watching video content compared to reading any kind of text such as blogs or social media statements.

Customers can better identify with a product or service through a brand identity that is easily conveyed by video.

In turn, approximately 75% more individuals are more likely to seek out some sort of service or purchase a product after viewing brand promoting videos.

The key to effective marketing through videos for small businesses is to confirm their self-identity to relay their company mission while validating their brand to stand out from similar competitors in the marketplace.

The goal of video marketing for small businesses is to appear at the top of a popular search engine to generate more website traffic. This means that video production should include content that will entice consumers to pursue a particular brand over others on the Internet. Some suggestions to incorporate in a branding video can be photos of various events, such as charitable efforts or photos of the founders and team members that make up a small company. Relevant content will lead to videos highlighting a brand appearing in at least 70% of the top 100 Google search results. Smaller companies that utilize videos as a marketing tool should ensure that the message conveyed in any brand video should be in direct correlation to the company website.

More than 26% of potential consumers who watch videos are likely to follow up with questions or reach out for additional information.

Customers are likely to first seek out the company website for further information, which is why the relationship between any marketing videos and the website should remain somewhat similar in regards to the brand and the energy exuded in any videos. Any noticeable disconnect between the two will likely discourage a customer from seeking further information or making a purchase. Difficulty lies in making videos appealing to a target audience on a consistent basis while maintaining brand consistency with each and every production. Companies that must appear professional at all times might seek assistance with a branding expert to create an appealing video while maintaining professional appearances or the core of their brand.

Utilizing social media to launch a branding video can enhance business leads exponentially. According to Nielsen’s 2012 Global Trust in Advertising Survey,

Approximately 93% of consumers are more trusting of earned media such as word of mouth or suggestions from friends and family.

This concept is directly related to sharing marketing videos across social outlets that could influence a purchase up to 50 times greater than a passive ad according to McKinsey research. Ultimately, the use of videos for marketing smaller businesses provides a way for consumers to become engaged with a brand through viewership that will generate unimaginable business leads, new customers outside a predicted target audience, and endless growth in the brand along with the almighty bottom line from increased sales.

Imagine how impressive it will be for your customers and clients when the see your polished and professional video.

Check out these examples for inspiration.
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