website trafficWhat if if I told you that you can create your own Web presence on a site that gets north of 300 million unique visitors a month, is fantastic for SEO, and is a unique social media platform on top of that, and all for free?

That site would be Tumblr. This gem receives more than 300 million unique visitors a month, and it’s free to use! (There are paid options if you want)

Not many marketers focus on Tumblr for business yet, either because they really don’t know how to reach their audience there, or feel as though they are already spread thin socially with Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. Let’s take the veil off of Tumblr and look at 3 ways to market there.

3 Strategies to market your business on Tumblr

Know what your audience loves and give it to them – Before you say “Duh”, keep in mind that this demographic may be a tad younger than most and is certainly more tech savvy. Try to express your business message in a more bold, fresh way that may seem even edgy to you, but mat well resonate better with a Tumblr crowd.

Use your own memes – Tumblr is a visual content powerhouse, and creating innovative memes that deliver a bold message is going to do well for you here. Intersperse this with regular posts and you’ll find they’ll become more popular as well. The age demographic on Tumblr is youngish, and these folks love their visuals.

Integrate your account with your existing social channels – Along with building a following on Tumblr, you’ll also want to link to your Tumblr blog from all your other social media channels, and eventually develop a system for cross-promotion here to bring even more people around. Tumblr is a seriously overlooked social platform.

If you haven’t looked at Tumblr yet, we’re here to tell you that there is a wealth of opportunity there, with a built-in, enthusiastic crowd that loves to share. Seems like a recipe for success to me!